Designing Quality Programme Briefs for UNICEF Afghanistan

By Carl Avidano

Designing Quality Programme Briefs for UNICEF Afghanistan

February, 2017|Avidano Digital's newest client, DevSmart Group, serves the world’s most vulnerable people by providing fundraising and donor relations support to UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

We recently worked closely with DevSmart Group to develop a series of programme briefs for UNICEF Afghanistan covering:

  • Polio
  • Health
  • Child Protection
  • WASH
  • Nutrition
  • Education

It's all about readability

Successful graphic design most often begins with setting attractive and readable typography. For nonprofits, readability is essential when communicating online or on paper. There are proven best practices for selecting font-sizes, leading (the space between lines), and line lengths—all which impact readability.

Key data should stand out (and blend in)

UNICEF Afghanistan and DevSmart group supplied figures, charts, and graphs in Microsoft Word. We recreated this data in vector format (Adobe Illustrator) to seamlessly integrate them into the documents (Adobe InDesign). In doing so, we could ensure consistent fonts, colors, and spacing across all figures. Bold colors help the figures stand out, while their size and orientation allow them to fit naturally within the flow of the text.

Unifying the look and feel

To achieve consistency throughout all documents, we designed the briefs in tandem with one another, making adjustments to styles, colors, and spacing  as we went.