Carl Avidano, Owner and Lead Designer

Carl Avidano

Owner and Lead Designer

With over fifteen years of digital communications experience, Carl brings his advertising agency background to the nonprofit sector. When he's not running the business, designing, or coding, he enjoys drawing and painting.

Staten Island, New York

Kirsty Avidano, Owner and Quality Technician

Kirsty Avidano

Owner and Quality Technician

Kirsty helps each of our projects succeed through quality assurance, proofreading, editing, photography, and customer service. In her free time, she creates character art inspired by her passion for wild animals.

Staten Island, New York

Janet Guertin, Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer

Janet Guertin

Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer

A passionate designer with over fifteen years of experience, Janet has worked with a variety of clients including non-profits, healthcare companies, and small businesses. When not at the computer, she can be found handcrafting artists' books and journals.

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Jeremy Dennis, Front-end Web Designer

Jeremy Dennis

Front-end Web Designer

For more than 12 years, Jeremy has worked both independently and in-house for a variety of industries including non-profit, news media, and software development. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking and playing the electric bass.

Kansas City, Missouri

Sean Dennis, Web and CMS Developer

Sean Dennis

Web and CMS Developer

A multi-disciplinary designer and developer, Sean authors clean, customized code for websites of all sizes. He's passionate about crafting effortless experiences for website visitors and content managers. Sean has a degree in music and performing violinist.

Kansas City, Missouri

Sharon Rubinstein,  Communications Strategist, Copywriter

Sharon Rubinstein

Communications Strategist, Copywriter

Sharon's specialty is strategic communications, media relations, and content creation. She's been a non-profit communications director in both Maryland and New York, and loves to write commentary that stimulates change. As a lawyer, former journalist, and college faculty member, children's issues were-and remain-a passion.

Baltimore, Maryland