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Visionlearning (at the City University of New York) provides free, high-quality educational materials in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. While their science content was valuable, they were concerned about high bounce rates, website accessibility, and student learning retention. 

We constructed a brand and website design strategy that engages a new generation of learners–while offering a familiar yet altogether new experience for existing students and teachers.

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  • User experience (UX) design
  • Responsive web design
  • WordPress development
  • Logo design
  • Digital illustration
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Logo Design

The new logo depicts reading, education, and vision. The color palette correlates with the Library, Glossary, and Classroom regions of the website.

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Available in English and Spanish, all content is mobile-friendly. The OpenDyslexic typeface option makes reading easier for dyslexic learners. Disabled users can access all content through keyboard navigation. 

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Content strategy

Intuitive navigation, improved literacy features, and science concept visualization help learners to find exactly what they need–and discover something new.

    Anthony Carpi, PhD

    placeholderCreativity and flexibility are two key qualities for a designer, but Avidano Digital (particularly Carl) has given new meaning to both terms. Since our project has mainly an online presence with a lot of textual content, giving our users a pleasant and efficient learning experience was critical in the redesign of our website. Further, we needed a recognizable brand that was current and relevant to our project.

    In the two-plus years we have worked with Carl, he has acted as a guiding light for the project. Rather than prescribe a formula to apply to our material, he has collaborated with us in identifying the most important aspects of our project and redesigning the site based on those discussions. The end result has been a far more effective and pleasant user experience of our website, and a relevant and intuitive presentation of the content.”

    Anthony Carpi, PhD
    Founder, Visionlearning, Inc.